Enhanced memory for detail in autism

Much research on autism focuses only on deficits in social cognition. But another common hallmark of autism-spectrum disorders is an enhanced memory for details, such as types of objects and their location, words from different languages, types of cars etc. (‘item’ memory)…

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Immunotherapy of Cancer

In cancer patients, immunotherapy may have quite different outcomes, curative or lethal, which so far cannot be predicted on the basis of conventional markers.
We will carry out bioinformatic analyses of publicly available microarray and RNAseq …

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Drug Resistance

With the development of biologic drugs targeting intracellular pathways, such as lapatinib for breast cancer…

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Apr 6th, 2024 | 08:01 am

The convergence

There used to be the concept of a “singularity”. The idea was that computers would become smarter than humans and start to replace them. Even the idea that humanity would be substituted by silicon-based computing machines (robots) was suggested. Against that two years ago we set the concept of “The convergence”. This assumes that biological Read more..

Mar 26th, 2024 | 03:52 am

Interview with Gabriele Scheler: Neuro AI. Will it be the future?

Here is an interview concerning the current AI and generative AI waves, and their relation to neuroscience. We propose solutions based on new technology from neuroAI – which includes humans ability for reasoning, thought, logic, mathematics, proof etc. – and are therefore poorly modeled by data analysis on its own. Some of our work – Read more..