Design and Analysis of a novel Boolean neuron model

Sergey Nasonov’s master’s thesis on Boolean dendrites has been finished and will soon appear.

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Two Step Adaptation as a Learning Principle

Our work with Carl Correns researcher Florian Dietz has resulted in the specification of a new, two-step adaptation algorithm for neural tissue models, which is highly compatible with biological observations. This is a major step forward beyond current synaptic plasticity models, where each processing step produces a learning event.  We are now implementing and experimenting Read more..

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Thesis on novel neuron model

The CCF sponsors a thesis to develop a new neuron model at the Technical University Munich:

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First CCF Grant Proposal on Mathematical Oncology

First CCF Grant Proposal on Mathematical Oncology: Tiling of RNAseq derived graphs. PI: Bachmann, Scheler.

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Sponsored Lecture Series at the Technical University of Munich Starts

Sponsored Lecture Series at the Technical University of Munich starts with talks about Neurorobotics and the Sense of Gravity, Big Data and Ion Channels, and Network Theory in Deep Learning.

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Paper on Logarithmic Distribution of Neuronal Gain published

Paper published: Logarithmic distributions prove that intrinsic learning is Hebbian. Scheler, G.

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Paper on Astrocyte-Neuron Interactions published

Paper published: From in silico astrocyte cell models to neuron-astrocyte network models: A review. Obermayer, K.

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Event: The self-organizing cell and problems in cancer biology

Santa Clara, 3350 Thomas Rd, Hacker Dojo, 7pm-9pm December 27th, 2016 Two presentations on cutting-edge computational biology Bioinformatics approaches the question: Is cancer inevitable? Or is it a preventable disease and maybe even reversible? The self-organizing cell: computational models of drug-resistance. The presentations are led by Dr. Michael Bachmann from Stanford University, and Dr. Gabriele Scheler Read more..

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Scientific Adviser Dr. Moore elected to Council of SIAM.

Following SIAM’s fall elections, these are the new Board and Council members: Board of Trustees: Margot Gerritsen, Stanford University Tim Kelley, North Carolina State University Randy LeVeque, University of Washington Council: Liliana Borcea, University of Michigan Per Christian Hansen, Technical University of Denmark Helen Moore, Bristol-Myers Squibb Felix Otto, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Read more..

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November 18th, 2016

Starting to work on cellular intelligence and memory with Sayanti Banerjee.

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